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We all value innovation, new experiences, and opportunities to learn. Together, we aspire to create something new, something great: We are revolutionizing the experience of printed media – and we can’t wait to share it with you!


It’s the year 2018 and Manuel, one of our co-founders, just having successfully graduated high school went to travel the world. Full of impressions and with a lot of pictures and videos, he returned home. Many of his friends created photo books about their experiences during their gap year. Manuel thought about making one himself too, but what of all the videos he recorded? They’d be gone, lost on a hard drive somewhere, unlikely to be watched again. That got him thinking: How come we can display pictures so easily on our walls and in photo books, but the same isn’t possible for our videos? Shouldn’t have technology advanced far enough to create videos to put on your fridge, on postcards, into books? An idea was born. He started researching the technological prerequisites, how thin the thinnest display ever developed was, and if there would be a market for a product like ours. 

Luckily, his two brothers Cedric and Julian were there to support him. Cedric, who studied Mechanical Engineering at the time was up for thinking about the technical implementation. Julian, a business psychologist, proceeded to do some market research. The three brothers then pursued working on this project together and in the spring of 2020, the very first prototype was finalized. memperience was born. And although the idea emerged from a personal wish to create a photo book displaying more than just pictures, we quickly discovered that there is so much more a VideoBook can be: a tool to illustrate the swing of a dress, the sparkling of a piece of jewelry, the features of a service, the spirit of your brand, … You name it! We want to tap its full potential and are looking forward to you exploring it too!



Cedric Mandel

Co-Founder – Development & Production

His goal: Making high-tech applications accessible to everyone. He especially values the motivation and solution-oriented mindset in our team. He’s confident the VideoBook is a great example of a user-friendly high-tech application. To him, it is all about the experience of experiencing.


Julian Mandel

Co-Founder – Marketing & Sales

His motivation: Inspiring people to change the world, while aspiring to change the world a little bit himself. To him, the VideoBook is full of endless possibilities. It offers an experience in a way that leaves an incomparable impression on its readers. Our team full of team spirit and talent and the customers and partners he connects with are what he appreciates most about working at memperience.


Manuel Mandel

Co-Founder – Finance & Legal Affairs

His vision: Changing the world in a positive and sustainable way while learning and experiencing new things. He appreciates being able to work with his brothers and a dedicated team on a daily basis. Though always aspiring to make the impossible possible, to him, the VideoBook still feels like a little bit of magic: You open a paper page, and suddenly, a video starts playing.

Every time someone takes our VideoBook in their hands, we are delighted to see their eyes flare up and grateful for being able to bring this childlike joy to grown women and men alike. And we wish you to experience it too. So when do you get yours?