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How does inductive charging work?

It’s a method of wirelessly transferring power. Between the VideoBook and the ChargingPad, an electromagnetic field is generated, and energy can be transmitted from one to the other.


What kind of displays are used?
All displays are LCD displays.


Can you connect headphones or an external speaker to the VideoBook?
Not yet.


How is power supplied to the VideoBook?
The VideoBook has a battery which can be charged using the ChargingPad.


How long is the VideoBook’s battery runtime?
With standard commercial use, it lasts around 12 hours based on intermittent activity and charging.


Is there an option to charge the VideoBook directly by power adapter and cable, just like a smartphone?
No. Currently, it’s only possible to charge the VideoBook using the ChargingPad. Alternatively, you can also use most of the other devices that allow for wireless charging.

How swiftly does a video start playing when the respective page is opened?
When turning over a page with a video, it starts playing with minimal delay. This way we ensure a pleasant experience instead of having the video jump out at the viewers.


How easily is the VideoBook handled? Are people who are not technically experienced able to easily use the VideoBook?
Yes, definitely! It works just like any other book, i.e., you turn the pages to view its content. Additionally, it plays videos and audios on some pages – but it does not require you to do anything, they start playing automatically. It also features a few nice-to-haves (that you are not required to use) like the volume control.


How often does the VideoBook need to be charged?
The VideoBook automatically charges when it’s placed onto the ChargingPad, so you don’t have to actively remember to turn anything on in order to charge it. With standard commercial use, it lasts around 12 hours based on intermittent activity and charging.


How heavy is the VideoBook?
The weight depends on the number of pages and displays integrated into the book. Usually, one of our VideoBooks weighs between 0.7kg and 1.5kg.


Can I display the VideoBook flipped open like a picture frame always being able to see the videos?
Since the VideoBook is not charged during this time and the battery life of the VideoBook is limited, you could watch the videos this way only as long as the charge level allows. It’s not possible to place it onto the ChargingPad and still be able to watch the videos, as the ChargingPad automatically activates the standby mode of the VideoBook and turns off the displays. However, if you desire this flipped-open option, please contact us since there may be a way we can make it happen.

How complex is it to design a VideoBook?

Currently, it depends a little bit on your design skills as we only accept orders that come as a PDF file. However, we are working on a software that will make the ordering process even more user friendly for you!


Can I create a VideoBook regardless of my operating system?
The creation of the VideoBook in PDF format (and, when released, within our software) works in all common operating systems (e.g., Windows, macOS, iOS, OS X, Android, Linux).


Which video format is required for the VideoBook? How easily can videos be adapted to fit the video format?
We need your videos in mp4, which is the most common video format. There are many free converting tools available online. The required dimensions are 16:9 and 1080p. You can also find tools to adapt the dimensions online.


Is it possible to digitally save a VideoBook draft to have the option of reprinting it in the future?
Yes, we offer to store your VideoBook data so you can easily order reprints of your VideoBook in the future.


How is my data stored and processed?
We store all data exclusively in Germany with GDPR-compliant management.


What happens to my data (photos, videos, …) after I created my VideoBook?
We handle all data in accordance with the GDPR. If you choose the option to store your data to facilitate reprints in the future, we will of course store the relevant data.


Is it possible to change the videos and audios after receiving the VideoBook? If yes, is the VideoBook compatible with different operating systems?
No, it’s not yet possible to change the videos afterwards. However, we are currently working on a feature that will make this option available in future generations.

How sustainable is the VideoBook?

We always strive to improve and maximize the sustainability of our products. We work with resource efficient production processes, ensure a maximum lifetime for our products and even reuse previously installed parts, which are still in excellent shape. Furthermore, since the VideoBook is a self-contained entity, its usability is not affected by technological changes, making it unnecessary to replace existing products due to technological innovations. In addition, all of our VideoBooks are manufactured locally with experienced partners in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, to not just provide the highest quality, but also a socially sustainable product.


What’s the lifetime of a VideoBook?  
Our VideoBooks currently last at least 2-3 years. However, we are continuously working towards our goal to expand its lifespan well beyond what it is now.

Is it possible to change the battery of the VideoBook?
No, it’s not possible to change the battery yourself.

Is there a warranty period on the VideoBook? And if yes, how long is it?
Yes. There is a statutory warranty of 2 years. But of course, we design our products for a longer life.


What can I do in case of a technical error?
In case of a technical error, please contact us! We will then provide you with the necessary details to eventually send in your VideoBook for us to fix the error. In case a reprint is needed however, we can only do a second printing of your VideoBook, if it’s within the first 14 days of the original printing or if you have chosen the option of storing your data digitally with us.


If a new software is developed, will previous versions receive an update?
As the VideoBook is a self-contained entity, a software update is not necessary. However, you will always receive the most recent version that includes the latest technology at the date of your purchase.

What are reasons to buy a VideoBook?
We can think of so many! Maybe you’d like to demonstrate a product or service, maybe you’d like to convey your brand’s vision or spirit, maybe you’d like to give your customers something special to reward their loyalty… You decide!


Why should I buy a VideoBook when I have a smartphone or tablet to watch videos?
Let us answer this question with a question: Why does anyone buy photo books? For companies, it’s a unique way to approach partners and customers, something physical that they can take into their hands or home with them to appreciate, while conveying the intended message all on its own. For private customers, it is also a neat way to sort, engagingly arrange, and easily access your pictures. This way they are looked at and appreciated more often, unlike when stored on a hard drive. Additionally, a VideoBook allows you to highlight the best videos, while appreciating the familiarity books offer. Whoever you are or for whatever reason you choose to buy one, a VideoBook combines multiple senses into a single experience and allows us to create something holistic – what swiping through pictures on a smartphone or showing videos on a tablet cannot. Also, a VideoBook is definitely something your partners and customers haven’t seen before, leaving them with a pleasant surprise while feeling the gentle touch of a trusted companion in their hands.


How is the price composed?
The price for a single VideoBook consists mainly of the number of displays and pages in addition to a certain fixed cost. Most of our manufacturing as well as the final assembly takes place in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, and we work with high quality materials that come at their own cost. However, quantity and recurring orders are also factors to consider. For price inquiries, please contact us directly with your order request.

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