Text, Picture, Video and Audio – You decide!
Be creative. Design your VideoBook according to your vision.
Use the elements of text, picture, video and audio to bring your vision to life.

All there is to know
about the VideoBook.


We offer 275 x 215 mm portrait and landscape format. Further options will be available at a later stage.



The VideoBook comes by default with a battery, which lasts a full day in regular use at trade fairs, in showrooms and the like. Charged overnight it is ready again for use the next morning.



Always know the VideoBook’s current charging status by checking the color of its LED. Green stands for 61-100% battery, yellow means 21-60% and red indicates 1-20%, at which point you might consider charging it again.



Our cover is made of high-quality leather style in black color. For other cover requests, please get in touch with us. A finishing of the cover is also possible, for example with your company logo.



When the VideoBook is put onto the ChargingPad, it automatically goes into standby mode. When taken off the ChargingPad, it automatically turns on again. Also, the VideoBook will automatically activate its standby mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. Simply opening the book again deactivates the standby mode within seconds.



LayFlat Bookbinding Technique
No visual information is lost with this type of binding. Pictures and text elements can be spread over two pages and still be fully visible. Contrary to other bindings, the book’s pages also don’t turn over accidentally.

Page Thickness
For premium quality feeling, we work with slightly thicker, high quality photo paper which lies pleasantly in your hands.

Up to 14 Pages
14 pages to make dreams become reality. Use those 14 pages as you wish to convey your vision, your brand, your product, …, anything really!

Made to Last
We use the latest digital print technology for all printed elements to make pictures vibrant and long-lasting.


Full HD Displays
The 5.5” (67 x 120 mm) high-definition displays let you experience everything in rich detail. Delve right into the moment!

To ensure a pleasant experience and to not rush viewers, when turning over the pages, the video starts playing with minimal delay, during which a picture is shown. Furthermore, when the video has finished, the picture will reappear and remain visible until the page is turned over and then opened again, in which case the whole process will start over.

5-minute Video Length (recommended)
Technically, you could watch a full movie on the screen. However, we recommend a maximum video duration of 5 minutes. It allows you to transport your idea while giving viewers enough space to explore all the aspects of your VideoBook.

Up to 4 Displays
You can include up to 4 displays in your VideoBook, which means: Up to 4 moments that really come to life, up to 4 moments to highlight, up to 4 moments that will leave the viewer stunned.


Dual Speaker Sound System
The two speakers are centrally arranged at the top and at the bottom of the book, providing a richer sound experience to maximize your acoustic impression.

Volume Control
We know how important it is to be able to adjust the volume depending on the current environment! This is why every book comes with a volume control. Simply press the corresponding side of the button to increase or decrease the volume.

Additional Audio
Add your personal audio files to any page! For a unique touch, adding music or a recorded message even to pages without videos is possible. Use the music to set the scene or use speech to personally welcome your readers when opening the VideoBook.


With its inconspicuous design, it pretty much disappears beneath the VideoBook, allowing this to be placed anywhere –
from showroom displays to coffee tables in lounge areas. You can even put it upright on the bookshelf in the office.
All this while keeping the VideoBook ready to use at all times.

All there is to know
about the ChargingPad.


One Design Fits All
The ChargingPad is compatible with all offered VideoBook formats.

Quality Manufacturing
The ChargingPad is manufactured with leather styles similar to the cover of our VideoBook. It makes for high-quality haptics and a long-lasting lifetime.



Inductive Charging
No plug, no problems. Easy to handle. Just place the VideoBook onto the ChargingPad and it will start charging.

Charging Time
The charging time varies depending on the battery life. Generally speaking, for every hour used, the VideoBook needs to charge for an hour to reach 100% battery again. The VideoBook also operates via intelligent charging technique to keep it always ready for use.

Power Adaptor
Power supply is guaranteed (as long as electricity bills are paid for). Moreover, the cable is fully removable. This way you have the option to exchange it for a longer one if needed, and in case of a technical defect, it’s easily replaced.

LED Notification Light
Always know the ChargingPad’s current charging status by checking the LED notification light on side of the ChargingPad. A continuous blue light indicates that the ChargingPad is currently charging the VideoBook.

Over Voltage Protection & No Deep Discharge
The ChargingPad and built-in power management system of the VideoBook always keep the battery of the VideoBook at an optimal level to extend the battery lifespan to its maximum. ​

Designing your very own VideoBook.

Hand in a PDF, receive a VideoBook!
Currently, we accept orders in PDF format. Videos can be transmitted separately as MP4 files. If you are interested in buying a VideoBook, please contact us with your order request and we will send you the relevant details and specifications to follow when creating the PDF file.

Integrated Software Tools
Additionally, we are working on a software that will make the ordering process even more user friendly! If you want to, we would love to keep you updated in our newsletter on when we will be releasing the software and other new features of our products.

Reorder your VideoBook with one click!
We offer the option to store your VideoBook data digitally which will allow you to easily order more copies in the future. If you choose this option, all relevant data will be stored exclusively in Germany and is therefore subject to GDPR-compliant management.

Orders. Features. Questions.

For price inquiries, please contact us directly with your order request.
If you have any questions about our products or relevant features that you would love to have in your VideoBook
but couldn’t find on our website, please feel free to contact and consult with us at any time!
Please also consider to check out our FAQ as some of your questions might be answered there already.