We at memperience want to provide you with the best experience of our products. Therefore, we decided to offer some additional services which you can choose in addition to buying your very own VideoBook.

Sustainability as Responsibility

We do our best to use our resources as responsible as we can, e.g. with efficient production processes or maximum longevity of our products. However, with your help we can take another important step towards even more sustainability. Send us your old VideoBooks so that we can recycle them and reuse the parts, which are still in excellent shape. We even cover the shipping costs for you.


New Chapter,
New VideoBook

Some business models require frequent reordering of marketing materials such as VideoBooks, whether it’s being up-to-date with the latest product series, attracting new customers, or simply because of the intensive use of the current VideoBooks. In this case we offer a service for regular delivery of new VideoBooks at a discount. Delivery intervals and duration of this service can be arranged individually with us. Irregular reprints on demand are also easily possible, if you decide to store your VideoBook data in our backup. This is located exclusively in Germany and is therefore subject to GDPR-compliant management.



For a breathtaking experience, we want you to have the best pictures and videos in your VideoBook. However, we also know that great pictures and videos are difficult to come by, especially if your main business isn’t photography or videography. Should you wish a helping hand we arrange a full service for taking pictures, producing videos and designing the VideoBook for you. For this, we work with trusted partners who are experts in their field and are very familiar with our product. You can also choose to use this service only partially, for example by just having your VideoBook designed, if you already got all your pictures and videos together.



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