The VideoBook

The VideoBook heralds a new era of photo books. With its ultra-thin displays embedded into turning pages, it harnesses the power of moving pictures to create moving moments and, ultimately, moving people. Built-in speakers create matching sound, and together with the elegant book in your hands, the special experience becomes perfection.

With our VideoBook you can make brand, products & emotions tangible in the hands of others.

What it is

Whether it is a tribute to showcase the brand and products or a personal token of appreciation and gift on special occasions, the VideoBook is a unique way to approach partners and customers alike. It lights up the eyes of each of its readers. Fully individualized and right on demand whenever desired.

How it works

The VideoBook works just like any other book: Simply take it, open it, and start turning the pages. It’s as easy as that. When you open particular pages, you will hear matching sound and a picture will start to move all by itself, drawing you right into the experience. Have digitalization become tangible in your own hand.


We believe special products and occasions deserve to receive special recognition. By using fascination and excitement one cannot only drive decision-making, but actually spark admiration for the brand and inspire.



We seek to combine the endless possibilities of technology with the sentiment of heartfelt products.

Ready for the revolution in the art of printed media?


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